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Ep.5 Recognizing Signs of Burnout for Educators

Feb 16, 2024
Kimberly Bolton
Ep.5 Recognizing Signs of Burnout for Educators

Bites of the Apple, Episode 5: Recognizing Signs of Burnout for Educators

Inside this episode: 

I share my personal experience of facing burnout as a teacher, and acknowledge the challenging aspects of teaching, including pressure from administrators, parents, and external sources. Listen in for resources to help you manage burnout...

Tip 1: Heavy Workload and Chronic Exhaustion

I discuss the impact of a heavy workload on physical and emotional well-being, and offer solutions around effective time management, task prioritization, and the importance of leaving work at work.

Tip 2: Lack of Support and Recognition

I explore how lack of support can make teachers feel undervalued and offer strategies for building a support system and fostering open communication with colleagues and administrators. I also encourage you to celebrate personal victories and milestones.

Tip 3: Emotional and Mental Well-being

I address the toll of stress on emotional and mental health, and advocate for mindfulness and self-care practices, and debunk stereotypes around self-care. I also try to normalize seeking professional support through therapy or counseling.

I also invite you to watch my recent bonus interview with mental health counselor Josh Magro, where we start the conversation about teacher well-being and take steps towards building emotional strength. It’s a great listen, and one of my most popular downloads!

Stay tuned for a month of episodes dedicated to Building Emotional Strength in Education!

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