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Kickstart a New Year: Setting Personal Mental Health Goals

mental health Feb 06, 2024
Kimberly Bolton
Kickstart a New Year: Setting Personal Mental Health Goals

🎙️✨ New Podcast Alert: Kickstart a Resilient Year 🍎🌟

Tune in to the latest episode of "Bites of the Apple," where I share three strategies to help you navigate the demands of teaching while prioritizing your mental health. Here's what you'll learn:

🍏 Setting Personal Mental Health Goals:
- Discover why focusing on one area at a time can lead to tangible progress.
- Get practical tips for building better relationships with students and creating a kinder classroom environment.
- Learn the power of small, achievable steps and the dopamine boost they provide.

🍎 Getting an Accountability Partner:
- Find out how having a support system can make all the difference.
- Explore different ways to check in regularly with your partner and hold each other accountable.
- Consider partnering with a colleague or friend to share goals and boost each other's success.

🍏 Incorporating Goals into Your Teaching:
- Learn the importance of modeling goal-setting behavior for your students.
- Discover creative ways to incorporate mental health goals into your lessons and classroom routines.
- Try out a simple breathing exercise to help shift gears and promote learning retention.

Ready to take charge of your well-being and thrive in 2024? Listen to the full episode now! Don't forget to subscribe for more bite-sized inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. Let's make this year our best one yet!

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