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Ep.6 Navigating Teacher Burnout

Feb 21, 2024
Kimberly Bolton
Ep.6 Navigating Teacher Burnout

In this episode, I unveil actionable strategies to not only survive but thrive in your teaching career. This podcast is part of my super blog, "Bites of the Apple," where we serve up bite-sized nuggets of inspiration and motivation for our amazing educators.🍎 **February Series: Building Emotional Strength in Education**This month, we're diving into a four-part series dedicated to "Building Emotional Strength in Education." Our focus is on enhancing mental health awareness among educators. The kickoff episode centers around recognizing the signs of burnout and empowering you with effective solutions.🌟 **What to Expect:**- Insights from my 20+ years in the teaching field.- Strategies for managing heavy workloads.- Tips for building a support system and seeking recognition.- Practical steps for maintaining emotional and mental well-being.🎉 **Join the Conversation:**I invite you to tune in and be part of the conversation! Share your thoughts, strategies, and connect with me on your favorite social media platforms.💡 **Next Steps:**- Subscribe for more empowering episodes delivered to your inbox.- Watch the bonus interview with Josh Magro, a licensed mental health counselor.- Reach out if you need support – I'm here for you.Let's make 2024 your best teaching year yet! Together, we'll navigate challenges, celebrate victories, and thrive in our shared passion for education.

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