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Introducing Bites of the Apple

Oct 29, 2023
Kimberly Bolton
Introducing Bites of the Apple

There is one big reason why I made the shift from being a teacher and administrator to Teacher Mental Health Advocate and Coach: Teaching today is really hard!

Between the lack of resources and getting caught in the middle of political wars, teachers are bearing the brunt and! 

This is what my business is all about and this is what my blog is all about. 

I am not just launching my Advocacy and Coaching business, but I am also creating a "super-blog."

You will see:

  • excellent teaching resources
  • commentary on current events
  • mental health strategies for resilience and regulation
  • and more!

"Bites of the Apple" references all the little 'bites' of support available for you. Whether its a written blog, a link to a downloadable PDF, or an audio snippet, you will get access to everything!


When I was interviewing Teachers about what they struggled with the most, the Monday morning blues came up time and time again. 

So, I want to introduce you to the audio portion of my blog.

Once a week, you will get a special 'bite' of audio inspiration to listen to wherever you are... on your way to school, during your (short) lunch, or wherever. 

I want to be that little angel on your shoulder, whispering to you that you can do this. WE can do this together. 

So, if you want to get notified directly to your inbox when a new 'bite' has been posted, and you haven't yet hit the Subscribe button, scroll down πŸ‘‡and enter your information.


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